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Features & Benefits
  • all new bright white LCD display that does not fluctuate in contrast with temperature changes. (hot key on front display for contrast adjustment)
  • one touch language translation (English-Spanish)
  • familiar navigator and editor interface to previous Evolution series controllers
  • 40 on/off stages with available expansion (all output stages are fully programmable for operation of any combination of:)
    • heaters
    • fans
    • evaporative cooling
    • natural ventilation curtains
    • power ventilation inlets
    * inlets can be controlled with any combination of 2 stages
  • SD card slot for upgrading software, copy/paste programs & enhanced historical data collection
  • Pluggable IDP input terminals are pre cut to length to prevent incorrect terminal positioning
  • LED status indicators for easier trouble-shooting
  • Heavy duty industrial, pluggable stage terminals
  • Built in isolation for back-up, network & alarm connections provide surge protection
  • All relay connections protected inside the new Isolation Chamber, which separates electronic circuitry from bulky wiring. Key information such as LED troubleshooting descriptions and replacement part numbers listed on outside of Isolation Chamber.
  • Electrical Information
    Input Voltage: 120/240VAC 50/60Hz
    Output Voltage: 13.65VDC Fused @ 4 Amps
    External Supply: 13.65VDC 500mA
    Maximum Relay Rating: 1.5hp @ 240VAC
    Room Temperature Rating: Min 32 F, Max 122 ° °F
"We are very excited about the release of the Evolution 4000 because we feel that we have addressed most all of our customer's requests, while maintaining the overall look and feel of the Evolution 3000/3001. Therefore, you get a much improved product without the steep learning curve," says Brett Crider, general manager of Hired-Hand and lead designer of the 4000 controller.

Brett’s statement above is one that has been echoed throughout the design process of the 4000. Our engineering team set out with a goal of creating a control system that was both innovative and cutting edge, but at the same time were charged with the task of designing a controller that was true to its roots so to speak. The interface of the controller has remained virtually the same as in previous years. It was important to our design team to ensure that the customer base that has been loyal to the Evolution 3000 and 3001 over the years be able to make a seamless transition from those models to the new 4000. This philosophy goes a step further than the look and feel of the controller interface and extends to the compatibility between the Evolution 4000 and the familiar Evolution Accessories and add-ons. The Evolution 4000 is fully compatible with out of the box with our Secondary Sensing System, Variable Output Controls, Stage Expansion Modules and Farm Manager Software and Wireless Radios.

Though it has inherited many characteristics from its 3000/3001 predecessors, the Evolution 4000 does boast some new features that set it apart from controllers released by Hired-Hand in the past. An SD card slot for upgrading software versions, copying and pasting saved programs and enhanced historical data collection and recall has been added to the controller. In addition, new features include one touch language translation between English and Spanish and a bright white LCD display for a much clearer and easier to read screen. Brett sees the SD card compatibility as a big step forward for the controller. "Of all the new features, the addition of the SD card capability is probably the most important. It allows us so much more flexibility when it comes to software updates, logging critical information and transferring programs."

Some important strides have also been made in the hardware of the Evolution 4000. The new controller also features heavy duty industrial pluggable stage terminals, pluggable IDP input terminals and LED status indicators for more efficient installation and maintenance and built-in isolation for the back-up, network and alarm connections to provide surge protection. Additionally, the unit comes complete in a NEMA rated ABS enclosure with stainless steel hinges and latches.

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